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An Update On The Coronavirus’ Forgotten Freelancers | The Freelancer Club

Way back in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, we were outraged and hugely disheartened to see so many self employed people left behind without adequate financial support from the government. A shocking proportion of full time freelancers who are PAYE and taxed at source, as well as all those who started freelancing in the 2019/2020 tax year, were deemed ineligible to receive SEISS.

Black Lives Matter - Freelancers Share Their Perspectives | The Freelancer Club

One of the most important aspects of being an ally and showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement is recognising when it is (or, more crucially, isn’t) your turn to speak. As a white person, I appreciate that I have never personally had to deal with systemic racism or racial microaggressions. We wanted to hear the perspectives of black creatives in the freelance game, in the hopes of promoting greater empathy, understanding and allyship within the world of freelancing. We spoke to two awesome photographers, who shared their thoughts and experiences.

Is remote working paving The Way For A More Diverse Workplace? | The Freelancer Club

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” - This has long been a regrettable reality for freelancers seeking to develop their career. The problem of equal opportunity is endemic across industries – even now that awareness is on the rise. Still, factors such as race, gender and disability (to name just a few) impinge qualified professionals’ chances of getting hired.

Top Tips For Nailing A Zoom Freelance Interview | The Freelancer Club

Job interviews on Zoom can feel weird, awkward and disjointed. We’re all used to sussing the client’s vibes in person and adjusting our behaviour accordingly. That said, Zoom interviews are the future of freelance employment (whether we like it or not!). This means that adaptation is key. With these simple 10 tips, you should be on your way to nailing your next freelance job interview on Zoom!